Our technical design section takes care of planning, developing, and carrying out large projects: in this department, knowledge of the rough materials, skilled handwork, and experience combine with a complete command of technically sophisticated, advanced, latest-generation machines.

We work closely with architects, builders, contractors, and interior designers to ensure quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our extensive experience and creativity have led to hundreds of satisfied clients over our 50 years in business.

Measurement / Templating
Our staff includes qualified, professional estimators who are prompt and courteous. They have expert knowledge and offer advice when needed on design and technical issues.
We are equipped with state of the art machinery with significant production capacity in order to meet even the most demanding needs of our customers. Once the fabrication is completed, the fabrication manager inspects all projects in detail before they leave our warehouse. Our fabricators are infamous for their attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.
All of our installers are checked yearly for background. We want all of our customers to feel confident and secure in their choice of a fabricator. Our uniformed installers are professional and on time. They are extremely courteous and perform immaculate work. They treat each client with respect and pay attention to detail.
Cycle Time
Our average cycle time from measurement to installation is up to two weeks. Given the particular material selection, the cycle time could vary. We try to accommodate the client the fastest possible using every resource that we possess.
All our products are checked and tested before being placed on the market.
Thanks to the capability of our technical/operations staff and our consolidated experience, at Deligiannis we have specialized in high-level quality work both in supplying standard products and in creating complementary architectural works of artistic value by our very own sculptors.
Each work is carried out to set procedures which allow the entire production cycle to be quality controlled, from optimizing raw materials to final tests in installing finished product.


Our technical staff has a very long track experience and can optimize project design and production work, operating in complete synergy with the architects responsible for each project.

Our prerogative is to develop production through the research and use of new and precious materials to be offered on an entirely exclusive basis, as well as by meeting the most extensive demands, offering quality and excellent prices for large scale dimension projects.

Amongst our exclusive materials architects and designers can find any kind of colour solution and technical requirements they may need.

Precision stone-work, attention to detail, elegance in shaping, a choice of finishes and the characteristics of our marble render any setting special and unique.