Deligiannis was founded in 1970 with the aim of supplying the best quality natural marble & stone from different parts of the world that are worth for every penny spend by its customers.


Its name is synonymous to reliability, consistency and continuity in all areas of its activity. Deligiannis imports stones from the best quarries throughout the entire world.  Very wide range of  marble, granite, onyx, limestone, semi – precious stones, are shaped by the creativity of the designers offering solutions that can be applied in many different sectors: residential, retail, hospitality, spas and wellness centres, showrooms, offices, public spaces, contract orders.

Synonymous with excellence in the natural stone sector for almost 50years, Deligiannis processes markets natural stones, bringing at their innate beauty, through a skillful combination of master craftsmanship and technological innovation

The company has a long history and prominent presence in the domestic market aiming to become a bespoke marble and precious stone specialist while expanding its business abroad.

The company developed advanced engineering techniques over the years that are able to reveal the stone in all its natural splendour, placing it at the service of the most creative minds and lovers of beauty. Deligiannis constant search for new productive solutions aims at emphasizing the ‘materials’ beauty, all in keeping up with the latest trends and concepts.

Deligiannis caters to a broad clientele. Our data base includes Architects, Builders, Designers, Kitchen Contractors, Construction Companies and to the general retail public. Most of our clients have been referred to our organization from existing companies or customers. The projects we perform include remodelling and new construction. We specialize in residential and commercial projects of medium-big sizes. Throughout our prosperous journey, we have managed to keep the same low prices, impeccable workmanship, professional customer service, fast and prompt installation services.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Δεληγιάννης - Μάρμαρα και πολυτελείς πέτρες
Regardless of the type of stone, we carefully inspect all our stone for quality and integrity. Because of our attention to detail and meticulous fabricators, we always produce a final masterpiece in all of our client’s residencies or commercial sites.

The three main building axels upon which our philosophy has been founded are:

A Natural Thinking philosophy in order to create healthier and safer spaces: natural stones do not get electrostatically charged, are not inflammable, they do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi and they also improve the acoustic quality of any setting.

A Green Thinking philosophy, because stone design is forever: our company is involved in a constant research on how to create smart solutions with minimum material waste and maximum respect for this precious and durable natural resource. Besides, the processing techniques are respectful of people and of the environment.

An Energy Thinking philosophy, as natural stone and marble coverings also help optimize the energy performance of buildings due to the good thermal properties of the materials.


Our corporate vision is to become an entrepreneurial bespoke company in our industry by fully satisfying all parties who invest in us: customers, employees, and suppliers. To  constant invest in modern equipment, technology, marketing, research & development, creation at all steps of the stone process contributing to build up a role model company, that never stops challenging and re-inventing itself.

The four main building axels upon which our vision has been founded are:

  • The provision of reliable products, solutions and services, consistently focused on satisfying our customers and on building long – term trust relationships.
  • Securing satisfactory financial results, so as to achieve our long – term stability.
  • Respect towards the natural environment.
  • Creating a working environment that recognizes and utilizes employee potential, as well as continuous investment in their knowledge and evolvement.
  • Continuously provide our customers with inspirational ideas and innovative ways of using and combining natural stone and modern materials.